Honey Badger Just Dont Care

Look out Bees and Cobras

Honey Badger Vs. Science Fair

Ok, so Honey Badger has been very much looking forward to Seoul Man’s first Science Fair Project. Honey Badger, being an elementary school teacher, has partook in a few Science Fairs in her day, and in a few different schools in different school districts. Honey Badger and Seoul Man were very happy and proud with what we put together (including a video showing that Seoul Man did the experiments himself so that the judges dont think Honey Badger did everything) and we both had a good time doing it.

We were very excited to go to school early today to set up our display, which included our Display Board, the items we used and the iPad with the video (only to be shown when the judges and judging and to be placed out of sight when the kids go around and look). Having worked in schools IN the same school district, as well as another district, Honey Badger was expecting the same turnout in the schools she had been in. Even though the project is not mandatory, except for 5th Grade, there was always a good turnout with proud kids, excited parents and just a great atmosphere of scientific thinking…

Well, this being our 1st year in this school, Honey Badger was REALLY saddened by the LACK of participation. There are probably 300 kids or so in grades K-2 and there were only SEVEN projects. Between 3rd and 4th? Maybe 20. That is just SAD and Honey Badger is really annoyed, but not surprised. Honey Badger posted a thread on the school’s parent FaceBook page looking for information about what to expect, being that this is Honey Badger’s first year and Seoul Man’s first project. I received 2 responses. The post about “Justice Closing at the Mall and there are awesome sales” garnered more discussion, excitement and participation. So even though I was expecting a crap turnout, its worse when you see it in person.

Sure, its not mandatory, but when you get excited to do things that you dont have to do, but do it because you want to, you teach your kids to be ambitious. You teach your kids to get excited about learning. You teach your kids to put their best into things and be proud of what they did.

“Well….we dont have time because we work and we have after school things and I need to cart this kid to this over here and then that kid over there and then we have to blah blah blah”. Well, Honey Badger works. Honey Badger’s husband works. Seoul Man has things he does after school. Ya, we are busy too. Thats why they give you TWO MONTHS to complete it! So now you are also teaching your kid to PLAN. Do a little here, do a little there, and the next thing you know, you have a finished project! Its not hard! You just set the stage to have kid not leave his/her 30 page term paper until the night before!

I hope they just give a ribbon to everyone as it wouldnt be fair to “have a winner” when there are only 3 in a grade level. The kids that did it ARE WINNERS. And I hope they keep that esteem and dont fall into being stigmatized as nerds, or over achievers, because in this environment of mediocrity, it is bound to happen.

I think the first year Seoul Man says to me “Mom, I dont want to do the science fair because the kids will make fun of me”, my response to that would be “Well, why dont we do one last one about how Honey Badgers dont give a shit about what other people think and they like to rip the heads off things that piss them off”….either that, or this well done piece of scientific inquiry…


Trifextra Entry…I am sure people are looking at me funny

Well, I am going to try the Trifecta/Trifextra 33 word challenge again. This time, I must use a justified exclamation point in my writing.

Here’s my entry!

Stumbling in the dark at 2:00am, I find what I need, unwrap it, and place in the appropriate position.

Note to self: make sure the pad is sticky side down before re-underwearing.


I think that’s a justified exclamation point…

Here is a link to the contest – you can vote there!


Awww – My 1st Science Fair Project as a Parent. “Science Geek Alert”!!!

I am very much the exception to the rule that I am VERY much looking forward to working on this Science Fair Project with my 5 year old. It is not mandatory for kids in grades K-4, but being the Math, Science and Technology (MST) Educator Geek that I am, we will OF COURSE do it!

Alright, going to get on my soapbox here for a bit. It appears that my son and I will be only one of a handful of kids doing this – because it is not mandatory. This makes me very sad because, yes, it is a bit or work to do everything, but is it a great and fun activity to do with your kid(s). I dont look at is as a chore, but as a cool bonding experience. I at one time worked in a different school in my school district, and there was a very good parent/school connection and even though the fair was optional for the lower grades, there was a GREAT turnout among all the grades. Not so much in the school Seoul Man is in. Sure, people work. I do too. Sure, there are extra curricular activities. We have “Horse School” and Karate. I guess its just not important to others as it is to me. OK. Off my soap box.

So, being the Science Geek I am, I IMMEDIATELY thought of a great experiment to do. I will bet my last nickel that our Science Project will be the ONLY project (past, present and probably future) to use a goat as a test subject.


Now, this is a project that will be done by a 5 year old Kindergarten kid, so of course it will be simplistic in nature.

Of the “Animal Friends” we live with, we are going to test who is the smartest by means of 4 task completions and the amount of time it takes each one to complete.

The Test Subjects:


SEOUL MAN’S Hypothesis:

“Indy is the smartest because he is the oldest, and the older you are, the more time you have had to learn lots of things.”

OK – He didnt come with this on his own. I will admit that. He DID say “Indy is the smartest” but for the following reasons:

“He eats hay”

“He rolls in mud”

Sorry – I had to do some guiding….BUT…he did not believe he was smartest because he is “The Biggest” or because “He is a boy”…options I left open for him.


EASY TASK: Place carrots inside a bucket
MORE DIFFICULT TASK: Place bucket OVER carrots
HARDER TASK: Place carrots in a visible container with a hole it in, large enough for carrots to be released when container is moved
HARDEST TASK: Place carrots in a darkened container with a hole in it, but carrots are not visible

Here is how the first task is supposed to be completed:

Here are the goats completing the first task:

This was done yesterday. I think they are still trying to get the carrots out of the bucket. So far, Seoul Man’s hypothesis is correct…..

For results to not be biased, as the goats did not seem interested in the carrots (WHICH THEY STEAL OUT OF THE BUCKET FROM THE HORSE ON A REGULAR BASIS) I will redo this with food I know they will be more interested in. I need to go pick up Skittles or Sweet Tarts.

The dogs didnt fair much better either….

We will be conducting more test sessions this afternoon….

Trying something new…

Gonna try this…

Looks like fun…


I have to use the following opening prompt:

The phone rang at 4am.

Then I have to add the rest, in 33 words….

So what the heck…here’s mine!

The phone rang at 4am.

In an anxiety ridden panic, I answered it.



Sorry, don’t speak Korean, especially at 4am.




2 points for the Korean translation!

Dear Old Dog and New Dog…Part….I’ve lost track…

Dear New Dog:

I dont mind that you had to go out at 1:30 am. It is not uncommon for even myself to have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. However, please do not run outside and then almost immediately run back inside, especially when my back was turned, as I was unsure if you did a speedy wiz or if you just ran out and in. And that noise outside? With the trees swaying back and forth? Thats WIND. Wind is air in motion. It is produced by the uneven heating of the earth’s surface by the sun. Since the earth’s surface is made of various land and water formations, it absorbs the sun’s radiation unevenly. Two factors are necessary to specify wind: speed and direction.As the sun warms the Earth’s surface, the atmosphere warms too. Some parts of the Earth receive direct rays from the sun all year and are always warm. Other places receive indirect rays, so the climate is colder. Warm air, which weighs less than cold air, rises. Then cool air moves in and replaces the rising warm air. This movement of air is what makes the wind blow.

So with this in mind, please dont pace back and forth upstairs in the bedroom, as I will force you to go out again, because at that point, it was obvious that you did indeed needed to relieve yourself, and you were too scared to go outside.

When you are outside again, please do not make me have to go and find you after 10 minutes. And especially, do not let me find you socializing. They know its windy. They dont care that its windy. They just want to go back into their nice warm house, protected from the wind, just like I do.

Dear Old Dog:

Thank you for listening to my past requests and taking my advice. Please do me a favor though. Please explain to New Dog the nuance that is “The Sigh” and what it’s significance is and means. You are quite adept with “The Sigh”, the satisfying exhale of breath usually following a period of distress or discomfort, that alerts the humans, well, usually this human, that you are finally comfortable and I can stop trying to fall asleep with one ear open. Attempting to sleep with the possible anticipation of needing to wake is not conducive to a happy medium the next day. Please let new dog know that “false sighs” are not acceptable. If you intent to wander the room 5 minutes after releasing “The Sigh”, do not do so, as it angers the home owner. Especially, DO NOT release “The Sigh”, and then stick your face in my head 10 minutes later, lest you want to spend the rest of the evening outside in the wind.

Thank you,

The Management

Happy Planes, Trains and Automobiles Day to Seoul Man! 5 YEARS ago today…

….this crazy adventure called parenthood began for my husband and I, and if how we finally were brought together with our son is any indication, this will (and has been) a loooong, strange trip….

So, 5 years ago, right about this time, I was in a flurry of insanity as all our plans for a fabulous “Gotcha Day” were quickly going down the tubes.

The original plan was for us to head to JFK at 7:35pm to pick up our 3 1/2 month old son. Our family and friends were going to go with us, we had signs, we had people there to take pics for us…it was going to be a huge “WELCOME HOME!” that little guy would be able look back at through pictures, and he could see how excited everyone was for him to finally be here and was going to be a part of our family.

But Mother Nature had other plans….

This would go down in history as “The Valentine’s Day Ice Storm/Blizzard of 2007”

Now, looking at this map, it doesnt look too terrible around the Tri-State Area, as we are shaded in a 1-4 inch grey coloring. Well, what is not evident on this map is that we were not getting snow, we had ICE.

Oh wait, here we go…here’s a better one…

So yeah, you can see that this was a doozie…

EVERYTHING around here was pretty much shut down. Ice covered the third rail causing trains to be shut down, leaving thousands and thousands of commuters trapped at Penn Station. All the airports were closed, leaving passengers on planes for 11 hours. If I am not mistaken, it was this storm that rallied the cause to create an “Airline Customer Bill of Rights”, as leaving people on the tarmac for 11 hours, when they can see and walk to the gate, with no working bathrooms or food, just doesnt make good business sense. Jet Blue cancelled 1000 flights because of this storm, and I think there are still people sitting at JFK waiting to get home!

So you can see, our happy Gotcha Day Plans were probably not going to happen. Here is how it played out…

I had received the call that Seoul Man was going to be arriving home on February 10th. I was at work and my social worker emailed me to say to call her ASAP. I called her back and she gave me the great news that he would be flying in to JFK at 7:35 on February 14th – VALENTINES DAY. Now, part of the reason why we chose Korea to adopt from is that they offer an escort option (they dont anymore now). Being that sitting on a plane for 12+ hours is actually not good for me at all, in that I am highly prone to thrombosis (clots) in my leg due to all the surgeries and the radiation. Add to that, sitting for too long causes LOTS of pain for me, and has actually triggered cellutitis infections. I would have loved to have flown to Korea to get our son, but I dont think he would have been too thrilled to have his new mom in a hospital for a week after homecoming. We could have flown business, or first class, which would help A LOT as the additional space is good for me, but I dont think the other travelers paying top buck would want to sit next to a screaming infant for 12 hours.

So we quickly spread the news about the homecoming info, and let anyone come who wanted to come. We figured we would do this as little guy would already be in shock with everything, so throwing in a mess load of new strangers ooogling all over him would be alright, THEN we could retreat to our home and be uninterrupted as we all begin to bond with one another without interruption.

I had originally decided to work that day, as we wouldnt be going to the airport until 5:30ish or so, and I would have rather applied the day off to my maternity leave. Plus I would need something to keep me occupied! But by the end of that Monday, I decided it would be my last, as the last thing I would need is to get stuck in a storm on my way home from work.

I also intended to sleep in the next morning, as I knew my days of sleep were going to be over, and I might as well take advantage of it!

I watched the 10:00 news on that Monday night, and no one really knew what this storm was going to do. The City and Long Island were most likely going to be on the warm end of things so we would see rain, but before I turned in for the night, I heard the proverbial “…but any shift in the storm track could change everything”. Well it did make that shift.

I woke up Tuesday morning at 6:00am. So much for sleeping in! I immediately put on the news, where the new report was that the city would probably get some ice, but Long Island would still probably be rain. North of the city….Blizzard….

Knowing that Seoul Man was already in the air, as between the time difference and his 12 hour flight schedule, I immediately went to Flight Checker to see where he was, and he was departing Tokyo! The plan was to fly from Seoul, to Tokyo, then Tokyo to JFK direct.


At 6:30, I checked again, because…well…Im obsessive….

And what did I see in that 1/2 hour time frame? CANCELLED! What?! Its RAINING and the flight into JFK was ALREADY CANCELLED?! WTF!

Now, our adoption agency had a local branch, but their HQ is in Massachusetts, and the HQ is the one who monitors the travels of babies coming in. I waited a long two hours to call them, as they opened at 8:30, but got a message that said “Sorry! Because of the Blizzard, we are closed today.” Oh yeah, my rain was their heavy snowfall.

So I frantically went through the paperwork packet we were sent after our travel call and scoured it for additional phone numbers. Thankfully, there were 2 emergency phone numbers for after hours (or blizzards). I called both…and ya, got voicemail.

About a 1/2 hour later, I was finally called back by one of the ladies whose numbers I had. Apparently, the office was closed, but folks were working from home. Ellie was kind of like the administrative assistant for the Korea department at HQ and she was going to be the person to help me through this.

Right before she called me back, I checked the flight status, as ya, I knew it was cancelled, but….they had to land somewhere!!!! And that somewhere was LOS ANGELES. And not only was he cancelled, he was now GROUNDED in LA.

I told Ellie the new news….and she said “I wish they had landed in San Francisco. We HAVE people in San Francisco! We dont have anyone in LA!”

Now, here is the usual description of an escort from Korea who is going to fly with the baby to the US:

They are usually middle aged women, who dont speak a lick of English, and often escort babies to the US so they can visit family here. Usually they aren’t big travelers, and it is not uncommon for them to have to ditch and run to catch a connecting flight to somewhere else.

To help these folks, the American agency dispatches “a greeter” who will meet the adoptive parents at the airport, and will help the escort get through customs, help them go where they need to go after that, have us sign paperwork, etc.

There are no greeters available in Los Angeles for the Agency. No one. San Francisco is their usual hub, and there were people readily available to head there immediately to help out, but not in LA…

All I could think about is that there was this little Korean woman with a 3 month old baby who doesnt understand english and is alone in a different country and no one knows what to do.

So, Ellie was a VERY nice woman, but was not very helpful when it came to solutions of what to do, so I had to start guiding this situation

FIRST – “Ok, lets get the escort’s cell number. I have someone who could speak Korean and we could work something out”

The dont use cell phones.


Ok…calm down….

SECOND – “Lets call another adoption agency in California and explain the situation and see if they can dispatch a greeter to help this poor helpless woman get through customs in this foreign country”

Ok – that she can do – have to wait for PST 9:00 for agencies to open.

THIRD – “My local airport is still open and we are supposed to get just rain. I am going to call Southwest Airlines and book a flight for them from LA to Islip and I will put her in a hotel here, and then will get her to where she needs to be”.

Ok…that sounds good.

So while Ellie called around to get help on the west coast, I was able to book a new flight. Southwest was GREAT with the whole situation and ensured me that if things got cancelled, I could get my $$ back and flights still were on time for take off and departure over by me. I got this all together by 11:00am EST, and Seoul Man’s new arrival time will be 10:45 at the airport literally 5 miles from my home. Festivities were still on and folks were now going to go to McArthur.

But how are we going to tell this lady who is stuck in Los Angeles that she has to get on another flight!!!

So while Ellie called around to find a greeter in LA, I went to the adoption bulletin board I belong to, and asked if anyone was near LA. A good number of folks said they would go to LAX to find the escort and deliver the message if there is no greeter to be found!!!! OK, plan B if necessary!

Ellie found a greeter to head to LA and she was going to give the message to the escort to go to the Southwest terminal and away they would go! The downside? THE GREETER DOESNT USE CELL PHONES! WTF!!!! So if something changed, there would be NO WAY to tell them! Shoot me now….or rather….shoot me then…

But at least the little korean woman lost in the airport would have someone to help them and they wont be stranded in Cali.

I could breathe a sigh of relief finally and would just wait until late that night to zip to the local airport.

Then I went and checked Southwest’s flight checker….the plane hand not  even arrived in LAX to eventually get to Islip, but at 1:30pm, the flight was CANCELLED! I wanted to vomit at that exact moment. Instead, I called my husband at work and told him to come home ASAP as I cannot do this anymore…

So now we were back at square one and I had nothing left in me. As my husband was driving home, the rain did indeed start to turn to ice, and within an hour, conditions had become hazardous.

By this time, I had finally received a phone call from the head of the adoption agency in Massachusetts. She was going to see what can be done with the airlines, but we all agreed that with worsening conditions, it was probably safest to just have Seoul Man stay in Los Angeles overnight, then try and fly him out the next day. Thats where we had left it at that time and that was supposed to be the final game plan.

Well, about an hour later, we get a phone call back from the agency head “I just spoke to Jeena the escort, and she needs to be back on the west coast for an obligation she must meet on February 15th, so we have to get them to the east coast somehow so she can fly out the next day.”


The first thing out of my mouth was “She speaks english?!?!?!?” to which I was told “She speaks wonderful english”. It turns out that she is a WORLD TRAVELER and not only does she speak english better than people who are born here, she goes to college in Canada where she is studying to be a teacher.

Then – “she has a cell phone?”  – Yes, she has a cell phone.

Then – “HOW THE HELL IS SHE GOING TO GET TO THE EAST COAST- DID YOU LOOK OUTSIDE YOUR WINDOW???” – We have to figure out a place for them to land then you will have to go and get him.


So the director made some calls and said we may have to go to Chicago, Philadelphia, or Washington DC – the ONLY airports still open and accepting flights.

At this point I am numb – especially when the director’s response to “HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET THERE” was answered with “Take the train”. Again, did you look out the window????

So my husband, being the calm person he is, took control and just handled it, even though I made sure to point out that by that point in the day, the ice had SHUT DOWN THE LONG ISLAND RAILROAD, CLOSED MAIN ROADS BECAUSE OF ACCIDENTS, and ALL the AIRPORTS WERE NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED.

So about 1/2 hour later, the director called and said to get to Washington DC (Ummm…OK….see above?), their flight will be in around 10:00 pm. Book a room at the hotel Jeena will be spending the night at then she will fly back to the West Coast the following morning….here’s her cell phone, they should be boarding soon.

Ummmm…ok? So LIRR is SHUT DOWN, people are stranded at Penn Station, the airports are closed, we have now been upgraded to a Winter Storm Warning with significant ice accumulation possible….how are we going to do this.

Well, there was ONE branch of the LIRR still operating. Hicksville, which on a good day, is 30 minutes from our house. If we hop the 5:30 to Penn Station, we could then hop an Amtrak Acela train to DC, which was still operating. The 7:00pm Acela would get us to DC at 10:30pm, where we would then take a cab to the hotel and would hopefully get in around the same time and Jeena and our son.

OK, so there we were, scrambling to put together a diaper bag for a child we have not met. We didnt know what to bring, what we would need, etc so we just packed as much as we could carry. My inlaws would drive us to the Hicksville station in their AWD car, we would hop the train, do Amtrak, then Amtrak back up the next day, then to Penn, then to our local station. This should be easy, right?

Well, we gather everything we could as quickly as we could, being that the drive is going to take forever. The drive to the train station was the most terrifying thing I think I ever did. Cars sliding everywhere, accidents, etc.

We get to the train station after an hour and a half, just in time to catch the 5:30 train. BUT, the trains were SO DELAYED, we actually wound up taking in the 4:30 train that was an hour late! We didnt care! It went west!!!!

We got to Penn with about 1/2 hour to spare, so we grabbed some dinner and loaded up on some snacks and drinks to take with us on the Acela.

We hopped onto the Acela and for the first time all day….I could relax. And can I tell you? The Acela WAS AWESOME!!! We went business class so there was a food concession, and we had tables at our seats so you could read, eat, use your computer, etc. I opted to put my head down and rest as I had been a raving lunatic since 6:00am.

We got to Union Station at 10:30ish in DC, where we got a call from Jeena telling us that she too was delayed (she was supposed to be in the hotel already) and should be there about 11:30. Perfect as we would probably be there around the same time too.

We headed out of Union Station and searched for where we would find a taxi. Well….we were in for another delay. Apparently, all the travelers stuck up north decided to take the Acela down to DC too, so they could get home. There were, no joke, a good 100 people waiting on line for a taxi.

By 11:30, we are close to the front of the line. We have NO idea how far the Hotel is from the Train Station, but we were assuming 20 minutes or so…

We finally get into a cab, tell the cabby where we needed to go, and he tells us: THATS REALLY FAR AWAY! 


Well, what are we gonna do. GO. DRIVE FAST.

Jeena called us while we were on our way, and she was finally in the hotel. We told her we will be there in about 40 minutes and we will call when we get there.

Well, we drive right through the heart of DC. Our ice storm was their snow storm the day before, so snow was piled up everywhere, and the taxi windows were fogged from the warm air inside and the cold outside, but that didnt stop me from trying to take in the sites as we drove! Looking through a small, cleared spot on the window, we passed the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian, the Kennedy Library and some other stuff I couldnt tell because it was a) dark and b) 11:45 at night and I was bleary eyed!!!)

The taxi driver got lost…it was closer to an hour…but we FINALLY got there…

We walked into the lobby of the hotel where we were met by the guy at the front desk. We told him that we needed a crib for our room, as we were picking up our son. He said “Oh! The lady with the baby! Hes a little baby!!!”. Great, the front desk guy saw him before us…

So at 12:30…we head to our hotel room, then make that call to the room above us…..

Jeena said “Come on up!”

We decided to walk up the stairs as it was only one flight, and as we entered the stair well, the faint cry of  a baby could be heard. As we climbed higher, the sound got louder. Then as we opened the door to the hallway, it was obvious the crying was coming from Jeena’s room.

My husband knocked on the door, where we were met with “One second!” yelled over the sound of the screaming baby.

Then she opened the door and there he was, in all his screaming glory.

The poor thing had just had enough…..afte rall….he was in the air for 24 hours……I had had enough…I could only imagine how he felt…

My husband took the baby from Jeena, who I am sure was HAPPY for the break. We exchanged small talk, exchanged gifts, and she told me how great he was through the whole thing, until about the last 3 hours of the flight to DC. The whole thing was just surreal.

So we headed down to our room with screaming baby and tried to figure him out and get him to calm down. Well, it didnt work…nothing worked….he just cried, and cried, and cried…

By 3:30am, I was crying, baby was crying….it was just ugly.

I then thought that there would be NO WAY we would be able to Amtrak back up to NY with a screaming baby. Nothing we could do would console him, and we would be surrounded by commuters just trying to get to work. I then began calling around to 24 hour Car Rental companies and found one who would let you drive out of state with the car.

I figured if he was going to scream, it was better that he do it in a car with us.

The drive from DC back to Long Island, on a GOOD day, is probably about 6 hours…after an ice storm? Who know….but we will just do it…

We packed ourselves and screaming baby up and headed to the front desk, where a shuttle took us to the car rental. While waiting for the shuttle, Seoul Man FINALLY chilled out, and fell asleep on his dad’s shoulder…

Its funny…..our original plans were such a hoopla….and we thought we would have tons of pics of the day…..but this is one of the only few we have – taken with a camera phone in the vestibule, waiting for the shuttle…

So we headed to Avis..I think it was….and rented a car. We opted for an AWD as we didnt know what to expect in NY. We got a Maroonish/Red Suburu Outback Wagon and a non set up infant seat….yeah, they dont set it up, and being first time parents…it was quite interesting trying to get this thing in the car safely without directions….but we did!

Seoul Man stayed asleep the whole time from the picture above…right up to when we pulled in the driveway at home….

He missed all the excitement of us having to constantly keep driver switching as we were both so physically exhausted and one would nap while the other drove….well….he would nap while I would drive, and then I would grimace in pain while being scrunched in the back seat watching the baby while he drove…

But we made it home – in great time too! The conditions seemed to clear up nicely as we drove north.

We took little man out of the car, as he woke up as we pulled into the driveway. My husband carried him inside where he was met by Sox, who had just spent HIS first night ALL ALONE…for the first time…EVER. I think they were both like “what the heck is this?!?!”, then went to introduce him to the parrot, who he was quite enamored with at first sight. Then we carried up the stairs so he could see his room, and get his first change at home. My husband wretched…it was funny, as I am the one with the wretch reflex.

Folks came over to say hello, then it was time for EVERYONE to crash, and boy, did we all crash….

So, it was a long strange trip for us, and 5 years later….its still a long strange trip. He really has no concept of the whole “Gotcha Day”, but we share his story with him and what happened that day. We call it “Planes, Trains and Automobiles Day” and make sure to give him a gift every year of a plane, train and automobile. Again, he still doesnt get “the whole thing” and asked us if we were going to take him to the airport today….we still have to work on this…

We are Facebook Friends with Jeena and always remind each other about the insanity of that day, and we have gotten together since them when she flew to NY escorting another baby.

Here are some pics when we finally got home….

Chillin' in the Buggy

Conked Out! We sent that bear to him in Korea, and they send it back! A real cool connection.

First Bath Home

So, I look back and sometimes get sad that we werent able to give him the hoopla reception that we had originally planned as it was replaced with just my husband and I hundreds of miles away in a hotel, but then I think to myself…..this makes for a WAAAAY BETTER STORY………


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Honey Badger says “HEEEEEY LADIES! Get, get FUNKY!

OK, so I am sure the title got your attention and here is something else that will as well:


I try and keep this blog light and irreverent, but with SO MUCH DISSENSION of late between “both sides” for lack of a better term, that I feel that Honey Badger kinda has to just let it out.

It started for me back in December when Lowes pulled their commercials from “All American Muslim”, not necessarily because they didnt agree with the programming, but because the Florida Family Association started making a stink about a “Pro Muslim Agenda”, whatever that is…Lowe’s words, and I paraphrase, were “we dont want to get mixed up in the controversy so we are pulling our ads to avoid it”. Way to stand up to bullies Lowes. When I went to Lowe’s Facebook page, I was very sad about the amount of islamiphobia and stereotyping. It was very disheartening.

HONEY BADGER SAYS: “Yes, there are radical Muslims that want to do us harm, but there are also radical Christians, radical Jews, and even radical buddhists who have been self immolating in China for Tibetan rights!” Honey Badger is from New York and knows that Muslims died in those towers too. Hatred and radicalism knows no creed/color/ethnicity, etc.

Then there was this, as I will readily call him, ASSHAT who came out and said, and I will paraphrase “Children with disabilities are God’s punishment to women who had abortions”. Dont believe me? Here is a link

And the best part????? He is an elected official, and just like when I went onto his Facebook page, I found people supporting what he said.

HONEY BADGER SAYS: “….” Well, Honey Badger thinks actions speak louder than words, and if I happen to come across him, I will bite him in the ass….

More recently, Komen vs. Planned Parenthood. Again, going to both PP and Komen’s webpage, there was so much vitriol based on erroneous information, i.e.

  • PP doesnt do mammograms so why should Komen give them money
    • The FACTS are that PP provides SCREENINGS for not only breast cancer, but also other female cancers.
    • They provide the referral FOR additional screenings if necessary
    • They provide VOUCHERS for PAYMENT for the tests
  • Poor women are the only people who rely on PP for care
    • FACT – your circumstances can change at ANY TIME:
      • You lose your job
      • You lose your benefits
      • You lose your home
      • You discover your spouse is cheating, or is abusive, is a substance abuser, etc so you leave and divorce him, leaving you will NO insurance because you were on his plan
  • You could go anywhere to get care, you dont need PP if you are like the above (people actually believed this
    • No insurance, no money, no care – next time you go to your doctor, look around at how many “Payments must be made at the time of treatment” signs that are around
  • Komen pulled their funding because of the link between abortions and breast cancer
    • FACT – there is NO link between breast cancer and abortion. American Cancer Society disputes the studies from “The primary” http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com site. This site that everyone was linking to on the Komen and PP pages for information about this belief. The founder of the organization has no connection to the medical community or medical background, and substantiates evidence that has been disputed by true medical research organizations. She has no medical professionals on her board, and according to her IRS filings, has not received more than 25K in donations for the past 5 or so years, except last year where it was between 25 and 50K.
    • ANYONE can create a website, put things out there, and make it seem “real”. For example:
      • http://www.thedogisland.com/
        • DOG ISLAND! This is one of the sites I used to teach, I dont know, 4th graders about how to determine if a website is legitimate enough to gather information from, because after all, if its on the interweb, it must be true, right?
      • MLK.org
        • Now, this website has been reassigned, but was what I used to teacher TEACHERS how to discern whether a website is a good source. The name seems OK, the site layout had picks of MLK, and links to speeches, and links to what he did, etc. Looked legit, right?! If you clicked IN the links you would find the information was entirely erroneous. I further drilled down the site and pulled it apart and showed the teachers how, via the Metatags in the HTML, that the site was in fact created and hosted by…….a white extremist group…but heck! It looked real!

HONEY BADGER SAYS: “If you are going to vehemently oppose a stance, please do your research before taking that stance, less someone like me call you out for not substantiating your evidence. Just cause its on the web aint mean its right!”

And now, the latest thing is this “One Million Mom” group (with their 40,000 Facebook followers…a bit short of the goal there I see) tantruming about JC Penny hiring Ellen Degeneres to be a spokesperson because she is homosexual, and that “JC Penny jumped on the homosexual bandwagon”….I didnt know there was a bandwagon? As I repeatedly spammed their FB page with “If every one of your members donated a dollar to help a school in an underprivileged area, or a family in need, or to rebuilding New Orleans, or to humane organizations LIKE ELLEN, instead of bitching and moaning, the world would be a better place”. Needless to say, going to the Facebook Page of these one million moms, there were people who supported their decision, as well as the Komen decision (thankfully more Ellen supporters than not!).


HONEY BADGER SAYS: “Hey ladies,  we need to chat ASAP. There are MANY people out there that want to make decisions FOR us, and tell us what we can do with our bodies, and where we should shop, etc. Let us take a look at OUR history.

Did you know that we were only granted the right to vote in 1920? There were bills brought up to Congress and the Senate in 1915, 1918, and 1919 and all were defeated? COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that we had pilots in World War II who flew EVERY type of military aircraft here in the US (they couldnt fly internationally). These ladies did what was needed to be done here so that male pilots could be freed up for battle? Did you know many of them were nurses and they flew supplies to where they were needed, then did their nursely duties at the bases, then flew back? Did you know they were were legitimate members of the US Army, but were not granted Veteran Status until 1977? COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that in 1870, only .7% of the female population went to college and by 1900 it rose to 2.8%, and 50 years later in 1920 it was still only 7.6%? Yeah, we were deemed too fragile, unhealthy, or neurologically incapable of the studies associated with college. Plus, going to college would make you an unfit spouse/parent. Dont believe me? Look it up. COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that the term “Hysteria” is derived from greek word Hystera, which means “Uterus”? (God, I sound like the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and it was associated with as a “women’s disease”? COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that as recent as a generation ago (AKA My mother’s/baby boomer generation) PMS was believed to NOT EXIST? It was believed to be something that was made up by the patient? It was “all in your head”? COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that even though women have made incredible movements in the educational world (obtaining college education) and have broken down those barriers in the work place, there is STILL a disparity between female and male incomes FOR THE SAME JOB! Dont believe me? Look it up! (Now that I explained how to discern information from the web. The US Census data is pretty reliable). DO YOU BELIEVE THIS!

So anyway, Honey Badger has to say that WE AS WOMEN have come FAR ALONG but even still, we are not 100% there yet. AS WOMEN, we should not be telling OTHER WOMEN what they can and cant do, where they can or cannot shop, what they can or cannot believe in, what they can or cannot expose their kids to (within laws of course), what religion they can or cannot believe in, what they can or cannot wear, what they can or cannot listen to, who they can or cannot LOVE etc. We should STAND UNITED. If you dont agree with it, dont do it, but dont take that right away from someone else.

This graphic has been floating around FB and sums everything up wonderfully. Dont put us back in the dark ages where others make decisions for us without our input (i.e voting, going to school, etc)


Things I Cannot Live Without – The ROOMBA

OK, so I have been cataloging items that “I Cannot Live Without” – You can read my first entry HERE or you can click on the category on the right of the page.

Today’s latest item: THE ROOMBA!

So for my birthday last week, I received a group gift that was A ROOMBA.

OH.MY.GOD – where have you been all my life.

For those not in the know, the Roomba is a robotic vacuum. It’s got, like, FREAKIN’ LASER BEAMS.

So, you STILL have to vacuum, especially if you have crayon chewing dogs and children with dirt on their shoes, but in the in-betweens, Roomba does an awesome job.

I decided to name my Roomba “Armand”. I received many suggestions to name it “Rosie”, like the robot maid from “The Jetsons”, but as I am a bit of a feminist and get kinda PO’d when women are stereotyped as THE cleaners of the home., I opted for an exotic male name, as I can pretty much say with 100% certainty, a hot exotic sounding guy with a vacuum would rank quite high on a list of things that are enjoyable, at least to me.

I discovered though that “Armand” has a bit of a freak streak, and he does make me a bit uncomfortable.

He has barged into the bathroom while I was showering, under the guise of “vacuuming”, and was entirely too eager about sucking up my underwear that was on the bathroom floor.

He has also been found stalking me quietly under the couch. He says he was stuck, but there was nothing there.

I have also discovered him attempting to get into my closet.

He has shown no interest in my husband or my son, so I think we are safe on that part, but I may need to install a “Nanny Cam” while I am gone to see what he is up to. Hopefully I wont find him wearing my bra.


Honey Badger has to say “Go Giants”…because…

….as a Jet fan, Honey Badger cannot root on the Patriots. So during the regular season, you cannot cheer on the Giants, even if they are playing other nemesis’ such as the Dolphins or the Eagles. Its just not natural. So in this rare occasion, I have to throw my support to the Giants. Plus Victor Cruz was a surprise last minute add to my pitiful Fantasy Team this year.

So Giant fans who enjoy making fun of my Mark Sanchez, enjoy this while it lasts:


But be warned, if they lose….be prepared for insane ridicule, as I am sure if the roles were reversed, y’all would do the same to us!

Next year, Saints v. Jets in NOLA!

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