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Honey Badger Has Been Quiet, and Here is Why…

Honey Badger has been very quiet of late, as we have had some serious health, personal and school related issues crop up over the past month or so. I wont go into the personal or health related stuff, but because of the tragedy in Newton, I will get into the school related things.

I don’t talk much about my son and his struggles here on this blog. I try to find levity and irreverence and post it here, and sometimes the things he does create that levity. My son is Autistic Spectrum. I blew my stack when media began reporting that the shooter (I WILL NOT mention his name) was ASD or had Aspergers. Autism, ASD, Aspergers, etc DO NOT cause this type of behavior. My son does not have a malicious bone in his body, but I cannot help but worry now that since he is in an integrated (inclusion) classroom, that kids like him will become stigmatized because of this maniac. I will say it again, AUTISM, ASD, ASPERGERS, etc DO NOT CAUSE THIS TYPE OF BEHAVIOR.

Now, another reason why I am talking about this. We have had ongoing incidents at school where my son has been put into bad situations during bathroom time. The school he attends used to be a High School, so there are no bathrooms in the classrooms like you would see in a typical elementary school. Students go to a shared bathroom down the hall from their classrooms. In October, my son came to me and told me that there were “kids he didn’t know” misbehaving, pushing and shoving each other, pushing and shoving him, and then according to him, “they yelled at me when I told them to stop because I was going to slip on the wet floor and then they started splashing water on me”. Teachers in neighboring classrooms have had to come out of their class to break up the activity, as it was loud enough to be heard.

I contacted the teachers and told them about it and they assured me that my son was innocent in the whole event (or should I say events – he mentioned multiple times/days) and that they didn’t realize that each teacher was releasing kids at the same time, so there were 12+ kids (ages 5,6, and 7) in there, free to fool around.

I was reassured that a new system was in place and all would be fine. On Election Day, we had our Parent/Teacher conference, and we asked if anything else happened, and all was fine. We were also told about how great our son is doing, how he is getting along with the other kids, the other kids really like him, etc

Fast forward a week or so later. My son comes home and does the “A,B,C,D and E” were splashing water at me in the bathroom again. Here we go again. We start questioning him and discover that not only were they doing this, “the watched me when I was peeing and wouldn’t let me shut the door”. He knew the splashing was inappropriate behavior, but didn’t know the other wasn’t until we told him….needless to say he became upset. This was a Friday and I wrote a note to send in on Monday. I told the teachers I want Jack to go to the nurse during bathroom time from now on, and reinforced it was not their fault, because there is no way to have supervision in the bathroom due to staffing, which has now become a gigantic issue in my/our book. The teachers were not in on that Monday, but I received a call from the aid in the room and was told the teachers will be back the following day and my son will use the nurse’s office. He came home, and forgot at one point to go to the nurse, and it happened again.

We call a meeting with the teachers, the principal and the school psychologist. I will not get into the specifics of the meeting, but will just say that there was an emphasis on how my son “perceived” what happened, versus what “actually happened”. We said “OK, but if there was an adult present, this would be a moot point because you would KNOW what was happening”. Subsequently, our son would come home to us and say “so and so pushed me today, or hit me today, or did xyz to me today (the kids from the bathroom incident). Interesting how everything was fine a month ago. We are now in contact with his teacher every day and she lets us know what happens during the day, and apparently, our son is having “extreme” reactions to things such as “HE PUSHED ME” where as it was just a “bumped into” or “HE YELLED AT ME” and it was not a kid yelling at him, it was just a kid yelling. Add to this he is making up stories at home which are being contradicted by staff in the classroom. Anyway, my husband and I believe our son 100% and know this is a bullying issue and a lack of supervision issue and now that every eye is on interactions our son has and is having, it will be seen. We have discussed with the school psych that our sons “stimming” behavior at home (behaviors that are irregular, but are self soothing and relaxing for him so we let him do it) has increased 10 fold over since the bathroom incident and bullying. The reasoning we are being given is that “it’s the increased stressors of first grade work load, scheduling, demand, etc.” We will go with that and the “its our son’s interpretation”…..until they see it…..then we will have our glorified “I told you so”….

Anyway, the Sandy Hook tragedy has me sick. As a teacher, I have done lock down drills and the coat closet was my place of choice. That could have been me. I now have a 1st grader. That could have been him. Then the pit in my stomach reached an all time low. My child could have been in the unsupervised bathroom if this were his school. Before locking their doors, teachers looked in the hall and grabbed kids in the hallway. What about my son? If my son being violated because of lack of supervision is not spurring action to warrant a course of action to not allow 5,6 and 7 year olds to be unsupervised, THIS event has to.

I have been stigmatized within my school as “a trouble maker” and “complainer” because I have rocked the boat about things that made me say “hey! What is up with this? What if X,Y,Z happens?” I have been pegged as over reactive, and heck, basically a bitch. It has really taken a toll on me, REALLY taken a toll on me. But you know what? It was unfortunately MY kid who had a bad experience in the bathroom, “even after 8 years of having the bathroom unsupervised”. On the flip side, it was MY kid’s experience that illustrated the issue I have been adamant about, and unfortunately, it took 20 innocent lives to prove the point. It took those 20 innocent lives for me to not look like an idiot and my speaking up to be brushed off. It took those 20 innocent lives for me to pull me out of the drudgery of my life I have been experiencing because I think differently than everyone else, react to things differently than everyone else, and see the world differently than everyone else.

I had to deactivate my FB account because I just couldn’t take it anymore. People trying to defend gun rights in this and still not seeing how this could have been me as a teacher, me as your child’s teacher, me as a mother, you as a parent, etc. But again “Im over reactive, Im a complainer, Im narrow minded, etc”. No one will probably see this as I usually cross post on FB, but at least it is out there. We need to have these discussions NOW. Discussions starting with gun control, and then discussions about identifying mental issues, treating mental issues and providing support to loved ones for mental issues, and then discussing Autism and ASD so that my son and others like him will not be stigmatized because of one person’s actions.


Honey Badger offers Financial Planning Advice

I really need to get this off my chest and I don’t want to post it to Facebook as it will cause additional “issues” with me discussing “in public”, but I REALLY feel it is my duty to put this out there so what is happening to us does not happen to your children. I am not promoting this post either, so if you stumbled on this, I hope it helps you.


If you are just entering the work force, and have yourself your first real job, and your job offers a 401K retirement plan, BEGIN CONTRIBUTING TO IT IMMEDIATELY! I don’t care if you are an 18 year old mail person at a big corporation, or a secretary at a small company, or a newly hired specialist with a starting salary of 6 figures. BEGIN CONTRIBUTING TO IT NOW! If you say you cannot afford to do it, speak to your HR people, or payroll people and have them figure out how much money you can contribute PRE TAX that would allow you to keep YOUR SAME SALARY! 401K contributions are PRE-TAX, so in layman’s terms, or a layman’s explanation, you may be able to put 50 bucks into your 401K PRE-TAX and because the money is PRE-TAX, you will probably have the same take home. Even if it is only 10 bucks, DO IT.

Teachers, cops, any other public employee with pension systems: Your pensions are no longer a given. One word: Wisconsin. In New York State, we have a 403B program that is basically a public version of a private 401K. Look into it for you state and DO IT.

Waiting a year or two when you are right out of school, I will say that is ok, but IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN, DO IT IMMEDIATELY!


If you have children, and are unable to focus on both retirement and college savings, CHOOSE RETIREMENT. Saddling your kids with student loans is much less detrimental on your kid’s future than saddling them with supporting you, especially when they have small children that will eventually need to go to college and you don’t want to burden them with your issues.


If you have anyone who depends on you, you owe it to them to protect them should something happen to you. If your employer offers one, DO IT, it will be cheaper than on your own. If you do not have access to it, get the CHEAPEST THING that would at least cover your burial expenses. Making your children have to take out a loan to cover your final expenses is ridiculous. IF YOU HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE, AND CANNOT AFFORD IT – pay the 20 bucks a month for a small policy. Of course I am not equating having no health insurance with, you know, dying anytime soon, but speak to a financial expert to ensure that if something should happen to you, the $$ from the policy go specifically to whoever will be in charge of your final expenses.


Ok, if you are self-employed and work for yourself (if you own your own company and people work for you, of course as part of your business plan you will be responsible for your own payroll, insurance and offerings) – SPEAK TO A FINANCIAL ADVISER and make sure he/she points you in the right direction. A GOOD FINANCIAL ADVISER will not charge you to meet with you. They make their money on the back end of things (life insurance, mutual funds, etc). Since you are self-employed, you will need to do/provide everything yourself.

Make sure you use an ACCOUNTANT as well to do your books and knows tax codes. You need someone who will be able to analyze things without emotion or connection. You need someone who sees your business as facts and figures. You need someone to tell you “This isn’t working”.

If an account tells you “this isn’t working”, set a deadline to turn things around. It can be a month, 6 months, a year, or even a time frame an accountant would be able to pinpoint. Get help if need be. You may think your business is worth a million bucks, especially if you work 24 hours a day trying to make it happen, but if you have a family, you are only dragging them in deeper and deeper into a business quagmire. You need to differentiate between what is a “hobby” or “specialty” and reality. If you love what you do, then do it on the side.

Bottom line is, if you are in a failed business, shutting down and flipping burgers at Mickey D’s is more helpful to your family – you are getting paid and bringing home a paycheck. If you set up your business correctly (i.e making sure you and your business are separate entities) you can settle the issues with your business and not have it impact you personally – hopefully.


Of course, things can happen to you that are out of you control, i.e. losing your job, being hit with a bad illness, being in an accident resulting in an inability to work, etc. I’M NOT DIRECTING THIS TO YOU. This is for people who either may not know what to do – I just offered you some guidance, from the perspective of your children who will be at the receiving end of this. I am also directing this to people who LIVE BEYOND THEIR MEANS. If you don’t believe that you live beyond your means, I give you this test: If you get a lump sum of money (i.e. perhaps a tax return, a nice gift from someone, a bonus at work, etc), before you dump it into a really nice vacation, or put some unnecessary work into your house, or a high tech do dad you really don’t need, etc ask yourself: “are all the important needs of my family met?” “Am I living on my credit cards?” “Do I live paycheck to paycheck and have no savings?” If you answered YES to any of the above, then take your lump sum of $$ and go to a financial advisor ASAP.

Your children in their 40’s with young children themselves, trying to do the right thing, will thank you for it.

Honey Badger Vs. 50 Shades of Grey

Wow…its been quite a while since I last posted….let us see…we’ve had strep, bronchitis, sinus infections, pneumonia, cancelled surgeries, etc in my home the past month or so, and it’s just been a bit nutty….

I’m back, and I have been stewing on this one for a while….so here we go!

Alright, so unless if you have been living in a cave all this time, you have been bombarded with all things “50 Shades of Grey”. For the cave dwellers, 50 Shades of Grey is a book trilogy that is, well, best described as “Mommy Porn”. Here, this video says it all


It seems to me that all of a sudden, women are interested in reading this and are forming book clubs and discussions about it. Even the FB page of my son’s school turned into a 50 response thread about the book (mind you, my post about why the school does so poorly on State Testing only received 2 unique user responses, both of which were “special ed and ESL bring our scores down”. The rest of the posts were from me and were my analysis of how my special ed child is not a scape goat for bad test results, and further provided statistics showing that 1/2 the gen ed kids were failing the tests too…ok…I digress….)

I just CANNOT give into this craze and here is why…

CURRENTLY, there is a WAR being waged on Women. Well, there always has been a war on women. We have always been seen as the “inferior race”, only obtaining our right to vote in 1920. Could you believe it? And to just really rub that pickle juice in the cancor sore, the movement started after the civil war! Heres some more insanity:

“On January 12, 1915, a suffrage bill was brought before the House of Representatives but was defeated by a vote of 204 to 174. Another bill was brought before the House on January 10, 1918. On the evening before, President Wilson made a strong and widely published appeal to the House to pass the bill. It was passed by two-thirds of the House, with only one vote to spare. The vote was then carried into the Senate. Again President Wilson made an appeal, but on September 30, 1918, the amendment fell two votes short of passage.On February 10, 1919, it was again voted upon, and then it was lost by only one vote.”

Yes, I snagged that from Wikipedia.


So then we finally get the right to vote, but women were still just “too emotional” to handle “difficult jobs” and “higher education”. Dont believe me? Google it.

So then we do get into the work force and do the jobs “women shouldnt be doing” and we get paid less.

ANOTHER perfect example:


I gave you the East Coast Version, as it was the one I saw. Brian Williams does the West Coast and is equally funny.

Ok, back to the rant!

So yes, things HAVE changed for the better. Women are now bread winners. We have the ability to be highly educated, be employed in any field we want, etc. So what can possibly be targeted now, considering our status is (almost) on equal footing as our male counterparts. Oh ya….our bodies.

First it was Komen pulling funds from Planned Parenthood. Then it was the nitwit from some bumf*!$ backwards place somewhere who said that disabled children are “god’s way of punishing the mother for having a previous abortion” (Google it – and oh ya! It was an elected official that said this). THEN it was a bill introduction in Oklahoma that outlawed abortion – even in the cases of INCEST AND RAPE. Really? Ok, and finally, more bills sitting to be voted on that would MANDATE an INTERNAL SONOGRAM before an abortion.

Oh wait, that wasnt the last one. The last one was the Catholic Church’s hissy fit about being mandated to offer contraceptive options (AKA the PILL) to women they employ via their health care offerings. OK fine, BC is against your religion, whatever, but to that I say A) not all women are “Whores” (Thanks Rush!) and require BC for MEDICAL ISSUES! Like ME for instance! My cancer treatments and surgeries have left me a bit “off” and as I get older, it gets worse. I get MENSTRUAL MIGRAINES that have been alleviated by a SPECIAL type of pill (and I emphasize that because the argument(s) to the whole situation is “get your BC from a clinic from PP or pay out-of-pocket”. Well, I did my research and discovered that MY medication – Birth Control Medication – is NOT offered by these programs. As it is, its $50 COPAY. I believe it is $200 a month without insurance. OK, so if I worked for Notre Dame, I would be out of work a few days a month as I would sit at home and writhe in pain when I could be productive and healthy is my pill were covered.

Oh – I got so carried away…..B) Separation of Church and State? Heard of that one? Yeah, if you are going to throw a tantrum like a 2-year-old, then maybe the Federal Gov’t should be open on Christmas, and Schools should work on Good Friday, etc. Yeah….you cant have it both ways…

OK – so what the &!*% does this have to do with 50 Shades of Grey????

Remember way back when….when Oprah still had her talk show? Yeah….remember her book club? Remember how it would take books and put them at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List? Remember how she inspired her audience to read things outside of their “box” and discuss it? Things such as the classics (Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities), works with different cultural perspectives (The Good Earth, Cry The Beloved Country), works from inspirational people (Maya Angelou), and just GREAT fiction….

We, WOMEN, are again capable of intelligent conversation, gaining knowledge and experiences through words, coming together to share in critical thinking, evaluation, interpolation, reflection….WE ARE SMART AND POWERFUL! WE ARE WOMEN! HEAR US ROAR!!!

Oprah leaves, takes her book club, and what fills the void? 50 Shades of Grey.

Here are the headline reviews of the book:


I have a problem with the fact that it’s a CRAPPILY written book. It started out as Twilight Fan Fiction. Oh, and DONT Get me started about Twilight. Stephen King sums up Twilight PERFECTLY:

I wont gripe on Twilight because it’s for tweens and teens, and heck, encouraging children to read something, ANYTHING, and have enjoyment surrounding it…that’s a GOOD thing. I’ll take it. But when WOMEN are giggling like school girls over CRAPPILY WRITTEN prose and having book discussions over a work that just is devoid of all writing skill, skills that you can even learn in a “beginner writing class” or “Writing for Dummies”, IT MAKES US LOOK STUPID!

If you are reading the book, and having your discussions, that’s fine..Im not calling you stupid. But when so much BUZZ is created because of it, it puts the perception out there that this is the only thing we can handle, and we are too emotional and fragile and embark upon working “difficult jobs” and obtaining “higher education”. Cue the 30 ROCK Reporter skit again and combine it with the current social and political climate….

If you are going to read the book…do me a favor? Pick something else to read after it? Like….pick up the Hunger Games? Ya, it’s a tween/teen book, but its Intelligent/Well Done writing with a very deep story line. Peruse Oprah’s list. Do something!

If the world ends as we know it tomorrow, please don’t let the future/post apocalyptic us look back and base our existence on the current NY Times Best Seller List for this week? Check it out….look at the top 3….

For the record…I just chugged through the Game of Thrones Series and am currently on the latest book. I think the author gets paid by the word, but its a story that makes you really need to think….and I have to say…probably a very comparable sex to story ratio to the “mommy porn”…..

Honey Badger Vs. Science Fair

Ok, so Honey Badger has been very much looking forward to Seoul Man’s first Science Fair Project. Honey Badger, being an elementary school teacher, has partook in a few Science Fairs in her day, and in a few different schools in different school districts. Honey Badger and Seoul Man were very happy and proud with what we put together (including a video showing that Seoul Man did the experiments himself so that the judges dont think Honey Badger did everything) and we both had a good time doing it.

We were very excited to go to school early today to set up our display, which included our Display Board, the items we used and the iPad with the video (only to be shown when the judges and judging and to be placed out of sight when the kids go around and look). Having worked in schools IN the same school district, as well as another district, Honey Badger was expecting the same turnout in the schools she had been in. Even though the project is not mandatory, except for 5th Grade, there was always a good turnout with proud kids, excited parents and just a great atmosphere of scientific thinking…

Well, this being our 1st year in this school, Honey Badger was REALLY saddened by the LACK of participation. There are probably 300 kids or so in grades K-2 and there were only SEVEN projects. Between 3rd and 4th? Maybe 20. That is just SAD and Honey Badger is really annoyed, but not surprised. Honey Badger posted a thread on the school’s parent FaceBook page looking for information about what to expect, being that this is Honey Badger’s first year and Seoul Man’s first project. I received 2 responses. The post about “Justice Closing at the Mall and there are awesome sales” garnered more discussion, excitement and participation. So even though I was expecting a crap turnout, its worse when you see it in person.

Sure, its not mandatory, but when you get excited to do things that you dont have to do, but do it because you want to, you teach your kids to be ambitious. You teach your kids to get excited about learning. You teach your kids to put their best into things and be proud of what they did.

“Well….we dont have time because we work and we have after school things and I need to cart this kid to this over here and then that kid over there and then we have to blah blah blah”. Well, Honey Badger works. Honey Badger’s husband works. Seoul Man has things he does after school. Ya, we are busy too. Thats why they give you TWO MONTHS to complete it! So now you are also teaching your kid to PLAN. Do a little here, do a little there, and the next thing you know, you have a finished project! Its not hard! You just set the stage to have kid not leave his/her 30 page term paper until the night before!

I hope they just give a ribbon to everyone as it wouldnt be fair to “have a winner” when there are only 3 in a grade level. The kids that did it ARE WINNERS. And I hope they keep that esteem and dont fall into being stigmatized as nerds, or over achievers, because in this environment of mediocrity, it is bound to happen.

I think the first year Seoul Man says to me “Mom, I dont want to do the science fair because the kids will make fun of me”, my response to that would be “Well, why dont we do one last one about how Honey Badgers dont give a shit about what other people think and they like to rip the heads off things that piss them off”….either that, or this well done piece of scientific inquiry…

Honey Badger says “HEEEEEY LADIES! Get, get FUNKY!

OK, so I am sure the title got your attention and here is something else that will as well:


I try and keep this blog light and irreverent, but with SO MUCH DISSENSION of late between “both sides” for lack of a better term, that I feel that Honey Badger kinda has to just let it out.

It started for me back in December when Lowes pulled their commercials from “All American Muslim”, not necessarily because they didnt agree with the programming, but because the Florida Family Association started making a stink about a “Pro Muslim Agenda”, whatever that is…Lowe’s words, and I paraphrase, were “we dont want to get mixed up in the controversy so we are pulling our ads to avoid it”. Way to stand up to bullies Lowes. When I went to Lowe’s Facebook page, I was very sad about the amount of islamiphobia and stereotyping. It was very disheartening.

HONEY BADGER SAYS: “Yes, there are radical Muslims that want to do us harm, but there are also radical Christians, radical Jews, and even radical buddhists who have been self immolating in China for Tibetan rights!” Honey Badger is from New York and knows that Muslims died in those towers too. Hatred and radicalism knows no creed/color/ethnicity, etc.

Then there was this, as I will readily call him, ASSHAT who came out and said, and I will paraphrase “Children with disabilities are God’s punishment to women who had abortions”. Dont believe me? Here is a link

And the best part????? He is an elected official, and just like when I went onto his Facebook page, I found people supporting what he said.

HONEY BADGER SAYS: “….” Well, Honey Badger thinks actions speak louder than words, and if I happen to come across him, I will bite him in the ass….

More recently, Komen vs. Planned Parenthood. Again, going to both PP and Komen’s webpage, there was so much vitriol based on erroneous information, i.e.

  • PP doesnt do mammograms so why should Komen give them money
    • The FACTS are that PP provides SCREENINGS for not only breast cancer, but also other female cancers.
    • They provide the referral FOR additional screenings if necessary
    • They provide VOUCHERS for PAYMENT for the tests
  • Poor women are the only people who rely on PP for care
    • FACT – your circumstances can change at ANY TIME:
      • You lose your job
      • You lose your benefits
      • You lose your home
      • You discover your spouse is cheating, or is abusive, is a substance abuser, etc so you leave and divorce him, leaving you will NO insurance because you were on his plan
  • You could go anywhere to get care, you dont need PP if you are like the above (people actually believed this
    • No insurance, no money, no care – next time you go to your doctor, look around at how many “Payments must be made at the time of treatment” signs that are around
  • Komen pulled their funding because of the link between abortions and breast cancer
    • FACT – there is NO link between breast cancer and abortion. American Cancer Society disputes the studies from “The primary” http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com site. This site that everyone was linking to on the Komen and PP pages for information about this belief. The founder of the organization has no connection to the medical community or medical background, and substantiates evidence that has been disputed by true medical research organizations. She has no medical professionals on her board, and according to her IRS filings, has not received more than 25K in donations for the past 5 or so years, except last year where it was between 25 and 50K.
    • ANYONE can create a website, put things out there, and make it seem “real”. For example:
      • http://www.thedogisland.com/
        • DOG ISLAND! This is one of the sites I used to teach, I dont know, 4th graders about how to determine if a website is legitimate enough to gather information from, because after all, if its on the interweb, it must be true, right?
      • MLK.org
        • Now, this website has been reassigned, but was what I used to teacher TEACHERS how to discern whether a website is a good source. The name seems OK, the site layout had picks of MLK, and links to speeches, and links to what he did, etc. Looked legit, right?! If you clicked IN the links you would find the information was entirely erroneous. I further drilled down the site and pulled it apart and showed the teachers how, via the Metatags in the HTML, that the site was in fact created and hosted by…….a white extremist group…but heck! It looked real!

HONEY BADGER SAYS: “If you are going to vehemently oppose a stance, please do your research before taking that stance, less someone like me call you out for not substantiating your evidence. Just cause its on the web aint mean its right!”

And now, the latest thing is this “One Million Mom” group (with their 40,000 Facebook followers…a bit short of the goal there I see) tantruming about JC Penny hiring Ellen Degeneres to be a spokesperson because she is homosexual, and that “JC Penny jumped on the homosexual bandwagon”….I didnt know there was a bandwagon? As I repeatedly spammed their FB page with “If every one of your members donated a dollar to help a school in an underprivileged area, or a family in need, or to rebuilding New Orleans, or to humane organizations LIKE ELLEN, instead of bitching and moaning, the world would be a better place”. Needless to say, going to the Facebook Page of these one million moms, there were people who supported their decision, as well as the Komen decision (thankfully more Ellen supporters than not!).


HONEY BADGER SAYS: “Hey ladies,  we need to chat ASAP. There are MANY people out there that want to make decisions FOR us, and tell us what we can do with our bodies, and where we should shop, etc. Let us take a look at OUR history.

Did you know that we were only granted the right to vote in 1920? There were bills brought up to Congress and the Senate in 1915, 1918, and 1919 and all were defeated? COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that we had pilots in World War II who flew EVERY type of military aircraft here in the US (they couldnt fly internationally). These ladies did what was needed to be done here so that male pilots could be freed up for battle? Did you know many of them were nurses and they flew supplies to where they were needed, then did their nursely duties at the bases, then flew back? Did you know they were were legitimate members of the US Army, but were not granted Veteran Status until 1977? COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that in 1870, only .7% of the female population went to college and by 1900 it rose to 2.8%, and 50 years later in 1920 it was still only 7.6%? Yeah, we were deemed too fragile, unhealthy, or neurologically incapable of the studies associated with college. Plus, going to college would make you an unfit spouse/parent. Dont believe me? Look it up. COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that the term “Hysteria” is derived from greek word Hystera, which means “Uterus”? (God, I sound like the father in My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and it was associated with as a “women’s disease”? COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that as recent as a generation ago (AKA My mother’s/baby boomer generation) PMS was believed to NOT EXIST? It was believed to be something that was made up by the patient? It was “all in your head”? COULD YOU IMAGINE!

Did you know that even though women have made incredible movements in the educational world (obtaining college education) and have broken down those barriers in the work place, there is STILL a disparity between female and male incomes FOR THE SAME JOB! Dont believe me? Look it up! (Now that I explained how to discern information from the web. The US Census data is pretty reliable). DO YOU BELIEVE THIS!

So anyway, Honey Badger has to say that WE AS WOMEN have come FAR ALONG but even still, we are not 100% there yet. AS WOMEN, we should not be telling OTHER WOMEN what they can and cant do, where they can or cannot shop, what they can or cannot believe in, what they can or cannot expose their kids to (within laws of course), what religion they can or cannot believe in, what they can or cannot wear, what they can or cannot listen to, who they can or cannot LOVE etc. We should STAND UNITED. If you dont agree with it, dont do it, but dont take that right away from someone else.

This graphic has been floating around FB and sums everything up wonderfully. Dont put us back in the dark ages where others make decisions for us without our input (i.e voting, going to school, etc)


Honey Badger has to say “Go Giants”…because…

….as a Jet fan, Honey Badger cannot root on the Patriots. So during the regular season, you cannot cheer on the Giants, even if they are playing other nemesis’ such as the Dolphins or the Eagles. Its just not natural. So in this rare occasion, I have to throw my support to the Giants. Plus Victor Cruz was a surprise last minute add to my pitiful Fantasy Team this year.

So Giant fans who enjoy making fun of my Mark Sanchez, enjoy this while it lasts:


But be warned, if they lose….be prepared for insane ridicule, as I am sure if the roles were reversed, y’all would do the same to us!

Next year, Saints v. Jets in NOLA!

Honey Badger says “HEY SMOKERS!”

OK, I am sure I am going to piss a few people off with this post, but as a card carrying member of the Cancer club, and my cancer was not directly a result of something I did, but I have to give smokers these tips to help them realize how vile the habit is, how bad it is for your health, and most importantly, how what you are doing CAN cause cancer and you DO NOT want to go through what I went though (and continue to go through), especially if it is something you can prevent from happening.

You know its time to quit smoking if:

1) You are in a store and you leave an isle to go to another one, but the stench smell lingers where you just were. NOTE: Smell is worse in the winter and/or when it is raining or snowing.

2) You are a salesperson and the customer (me) has to walk away because your teeth are yellow and your breath smells like an ash tray

3) Its any combination of: sub zero, desert hot, gale force winds, torrential rain, blinding snow, locust invasion – and you are outside smoking a butt

4) You look at your fingers and they and your nails are a brownish yellow

5) You require Oxygen therapy and have home oxygen tank delivery

So as a member of the cancer card carrying club, aside from, you know, self cancerization, please read 1-5? Most likely the world is a better place with than without you.

Honey Badger says “Really School District? Way to get my support!

So its that time where school budgets are being drafted, and school officials start sounding the alarm bell about programs getting cut and teachers getting laid off and classrooms getting bigger, etc. So our school district is participating in an “online survey” where ordinary taxpayers can log in anonymously to answer  questions about how they would like see their tax dollars spent. So being a taxpaying individual myself, with a child in the school district, I opted to partake in the survey. (And the uber tech in me enjoys the lack of technological resources involved in creating this survey, as I can take the survey over and over and over again, thus skewing results and responses! IP Address/Mac Address limitation per day or something!!! And YES, there are crazies out there who WOULD just keep sending and sending and sending….OK….yes, I am one of those crazies, but my responses would be of absurd things…..especially if drinking Mudslides after being trapped in the house for a week with a sick kid….)

But let me get to something that REALLY ticked me off.

Here in NY, there is a Mandatory Tax Cap of 2% this year. Being that for the past few years, schools have been unable to pull it together with a 3 1/2 % rate, and to even get to that rate, there have been cuts to teachers, staff, programs, etc….I was a bit appalled at the 2nd question of the survey:

State law mandates programs and services that must be provided by school districts. These services, over which the district has no control, include Special Education for disabled students, English language instruction for non-English speaking students, support for students with emotional and behavioral problems, health services, and transportation. These services are supported by non-instructional staff like psychologists, counselors, social workers, nurses, and bus drivers.

Are you aware that because these services are required, the school districts have no options but to hire the appropriate staff?

OK…….as a parent to one of these children who falls into one of the categories, could you scapegoat us anymore???? Oh, and the 1st question was:

Administrators include positions such as Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Central Office Directors, Principals, and Assistant Principals. Were you aware that only 2% of the staff employed by Long Island school districts are administrators?

So, here is how I interpret this:

Please don’t cut my job (my high paying job) or consolidate it with another one because after all, we are only 2% of the staff employed. There’s not many of us as it is! Plus, did you know that the special ed kids have to receive services as per State Mandate, and we are forced to staff ourselves to meet their needs?

Wow, way to kick your tax paying, special needs parents in the shins!

Now of course I am sure this is NOT how they meant it, but you know what? People are going to interpret it that way! I have NO doubt there is someone reading that and saying “We had to cut a teacher which resulted in  my kid’s class having 30 kids because we had to keep a Speech Therapist for Autistic kid”.

I KNOW, from working in a HIGH ESL population school district, that people WOULD SAY the same example, except replace the Autistic Kid with “an immigrant who doesnt speak english”, or, and I have experienced this FIRST HAND “a kid whose parents are here illegally”.

So being that this survey was meant for multiple districts, with varying levels of special needs, diversity, etc….I would have thought that the person (or people) who put this together would chose their words more correctly…..especially because the folks who put this together fall into the category of “Administrators which include positions such as Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Central Office Directors, Principals, and Assistant Principals.”


Honey Badger Gonna Bite SOPA in the ASS!

So today is SOPA and PIPA opposition day, and of course, in full Honey Badger fashion, I am joining the OPPOSE SOPA and PIPA Movements. If enacted, lil’ old honey badgers like myself would be subject to CENSORSHIP. Last time I checked, Honey Badgers live in much of sub-Saharan Africa, West Africa north to Morocco as well as Arabia, the Middle East and much of India. YES, I got that from WIKIPEDIA.

Basically, Honey Badger doesnt live in CHINA.

So I ask you to go to this link: https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/ and sign the petition to TELL CONGRESS NOT TO CENSOR THE WEB.


It’s Easier to {{insert impossible feat}} Than it is to Run a Business in New York State

Yes, there is a reason why New York State is NOT business friendly. There is a reason why companies move out of New York at set up shop elsewhere. NEW YORK IS NOT BUSINESS FRIENDLY!

So Honey Badger is showing her teeth in hopes of NYS doing the right thing and gets moving already!


Being that there is a CRISIS in our educational system, and teachers, administrators and staff have been let go at alarming rates (tenure doesn’t mean anything anymore – THAT is scary – although tenure needs revamping as well), it is impossible for me to reenter the workforce at this juncture as a teacher. I never thought in a million years that I would not be able to find SOME type of job when Seoul Man went to Kindergarten. My backup – the New York City Schools – where they could never get ENOUGH teachers, has laid off numerous staff members. I could sub but subbing pays terribly (literally about minimum wage, and in my local district – I would need to be close as to get my son off the bus) and frankly, subbing stinks. I could literally flip burgers, with my 2 Masters Degrees, at Burger King for the same amount of money I would get subbing. Sure, subbing is a “foot in the door”, but I have been there, done that. I’m not at the bottom of my career ladder when I subbed for recognition. I am somewhere in the middle of the ladder, with the rung below me missing so I cant climb down, and the rungs above me are coated in oil or something and I keep slipping off! Oh,plus, you can’t finding subbing gigs either!

So….what to do, what to do….

Then I had an idea. The idea morphed into a working concept. The working concept morphed into a possibility. The possibility became concrete. The concrete became a working plan. The working plan became a business.

Yes, I am going to start my own business. I took the existing situation in schools and created something TO HELP. Of course, more teachers and smaller classrooms is the ULTIMATE solution, but in the mean time, TEACHER RESPONSIBILITY has increased, as well as STUDENT EXPECTATIONS! So I created a system of instruction that HELPS both TEACHERS and KIDS. There are NO PRODUCTS like mine, and HECK, if I were a teacher, I WOULD USE IT, and being a parent, I would LOVE to see it in my child’s classroom!

I pitched my idea to a few different venues, and received interest. Now I just have to make it work.

I received a good amount of help from the local business incubator, though they were perplexed that I wanted to be NON PROFIT. Yup, I am shooting to create a NON PROFIT Corporation. Why the heck would I do that? (The biz incubator people wondered too – and I explained, and they totally “got it”) So yes, why NON PROFIT. Well, for starters, I have some small needs to get me up and going. I WILL NOT take on 3rd Party Investors or Loans. I dont do debt nor do I want to start with a deficit. As a non profit, I can apply for THOUSANDS of grants. Next, I am selling to SCHOOL DISTRICTS. I would be taking public funds (budget) and using them for private purposes and gain. Seems like a bit of an oxymoron if you ask me. And LASTLY, as per my LIVING ON BORROWED TIME life perspective, I WANT TO GIVE BACK. I think of all the help we were able to get our son that allowed him to be where he is now. We had to pay out of pocket for some of this. It is very sad to me that folks dont have access to what we did, and as a result, the kids get the short end of the stick. So I want to GIVE BACK to organizations that HELP CHILDREN and FAMILIES. Every child should have the SAME access to the SAME resources, regardless of $$, but sadly, that DOESNT HAPPEN.

So, there I am. I took the official plunge back at the beginning of December. I did the appropriate paperwork to create a company in New York State and to obtain my 501 C3 designation. I SHOULD BE DONE BY NOW. My lawyer was informed that because my “purpose” and “Corporation Title” have the terms “Education, teacher, students, classroom, etc”, I need PERMISSION from the COMMISSIONER of EDUCATION. Really? REALLY? Oh. OH! And I would need to pay additional fees to process this. Of course. Get more $$ out of you if they can. I could TOTALLY understand if I were a school, or an educational organization, but I am a company that sells educational products! Oh. OH! To make matters worse, another client of the lawyer is creating a Non Profit to help schools in THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES! Yup, they have to go through the Board of Ed. too! REALLY?!

So, I have GRANTS waiting to go, I have PRODUCTS to put together, and I have INTEREST from a handful of entities that would like to associate themselves with my products (I actually shot for Elementary School Aged Kids, being it is my subject area of expertise – but now have the opportunity to get into 7-12 as well). I JUST DONT HAVE A BUSINESS YET. I am literally ready to hit the ground running, but I have to wait LONGER because I have the word “Education” in my title. And since NYS is so cryptic with who you can speak to and when (yes, there are designated calling times), its nearly impossible to find a human being to talk to. But HONEY BADGER found someone! And that someone said I should be approved THIS FRIDAY.

So if the stars align, and everything comes through when it is supposed to (a month and a half LONGER than it was supposed to), please say hello to the Newest Non Profit Organization in New York:

2 Points to the person who can answer the following question:
Where did the name come from?

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