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ODNT Contest

I have been neglecting my blog of late but managed to find a little bit of time to crank out an entry for a contest.

For more info, go here!


I was inspired by this photo that circulated the interweb this week, and even though “its a drone”, it gave me a good idea!

With this, I present “Bill and Jud, the day after”


August 1st, 2011



Had the weirdest dream last night and you were in it! I dreamt Buddy and I were driving home from the ball game, and as we passed over the Tappan Zee Bridge, we saw this light up in the sky. It was just kind of hovering and flashing all these different colored lights. We drove further up the Palisades, we could see it in the distance, getting larger as we got closer. When we got to around Bear Mountain, it was like it was hovering over that way. We drove through the woods and parked so we could walk over by the lake. Sure enough, there it was! Weird. It was kind of round, had lights around it, and was probably hovering about 20 feet off the ground. It had like a spot light and it was crossing the ground, like it was looking for something. So Buddy and I were looking at this, then all of a sudden, the spot light turns on us, and BAM! I went blind, got really stiff, and felt like I was being floated towards the ship! When I got my eye sight back, it was as if I fell asleep and woke up. I was naked in this room and laying on a table of some sort.   I turned my head and you were there on the next table and you had this look of horror on your face. I was wondering where Jean was. With that, I did that fuzzy fall asleep thing again, and woke up in bed. Buddy must have given me some strong stuff, stronger than the stuff I grew in the back yard that time, because I don’t even remember him dropping me off after the game and me going to bed. I have to say though, you looked good. The 16 pounds makes a difference.


Anyway, Mrs. J is coming by later….I’m going to ask her if she thinks using Ahtanum hops instead of Fuggle would make the home brew taste better. Going to give it a try tomorrow.




August 2nd, 2011



Wow, I had the same dream. I tried the stuff I grew and there must be something wrong. I knew I was going to have trouble growing here. I suppose it is the lack of rain. I guess if you like weird trips it is good, but a little too much for me.

Jean found this weird scar on my arm today. I don’t remember doing anything to myself. Maybe when the guy sat on me at the game, he scratched me and I didn’t know, and it swelled up today.


Where did you decide to brew? I still say go for the pool.




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7 thoughts on “ODNT Contest

  1. ” I have to say though, you looked good. The 16 pounds makes a difference.”

    Okay, that was hysterical. I love the alien abduction. Well channeled emails. If only Jud and Bill themselves could read them. 🙂

    Thanks for playing!

  2. Hi- LOL! I ended up entering this contest too!

    I like your take on it…starting to feel like I know these people 🙂

  3. Wow you got them down pat!

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