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Honey Badger Vs. 50 Shades of Grey

Wow…its been quite a while since I last posted….let us see…we’ve had strep, bronchitis, sinus infections, pneumonia, cancelled surgeries, etc in my home the past month or so, and it’s just been a bit nutty….

I’m back, and I have been stewing on this one for a while….so here we go!

Alright, so unless if you have been living in a cave all this time, you have been bombarded with all things “50 Shades of Grey”. For the cave dwellers, 50 Shades of Grey is a book trilogy that is, well, best described as “Mommy Porn”. Here, this video says it all


It seems to me that all of a sudden, women are interested in reading this and are forming book clubs and discussions about it. Even the FB page of my son’s school turned into a 50 response thread about the book (mind you, my post about why the school does so poorly on State Testing only received 2 unique user responses, both of which were “special ed and ESL bring our scores down”. The rest of the posts were from me and were my analysis of how my special ed child is not a scape goat for bad test results, and further provided statistics showing that 1/2 the gen ed kids were failing the tests too…ok…I digress….)

I just CANNOT give into this craze and here is why…

CURRENTLY, there is a WAR being waged on Women. Well, there always has been a war on women. We have always been seen as the “inferior race”, only obtaining our right to vote in 1920. Could you believe it? And to just really rub that pickle juice in the cancor sore, the movement started after the civil war! Heres some more insanity:

“On January 12, 1915, a suffrage bill was brought before the House of Representatives but was defeated by a vote of 204 to 174. Another bill was brought before the House on January 10, 1918. On the evening before, President Wilson made a strong and widely published appeal to the House to pass the bill. It was passed by two-thirds of the House, with only one vote to spare. The vote was then carried into the Senate. Again President Wilson made an appeal, but on September 30, 1918, the amendment fell two votes short of passage.On February 10, 1919, it was again voted upon, and then it was lost by only one vote.”

Yes, I snagged that from Wikipedia.


So then we finally get the right to vote, but women were still just “too emotional” to handle “difficult jobs” and “higher education”. Dont believe me? Google it.

So then we do get into the work force and do the jobs “women shouldnt be doing” and we get paid less.

ANOTHER perfect example:


I gave you the East Coast Version, as it was the one I saw. Brian Williams does the West Coast and is equally funny.

Ok, back to the rant!

So yes, things HAVE changed for the better. Women are now bread winners. We have the ability to be highly educated, be employed in any field we want, etc. So what can possibly be targeted now, considering our status is (almost) on equal footing as our male counterparts. Oh ya….our bodies.

First it was Komen pulling funds from Planned Parenthood. Then it was the nitwit from some bumf*!$ backwards place somewhere who said that disabled children are “god’s way of punishing the mother for having a previous abortion” (Google it – and oh ya! It was an elected official that said this). THEN it was a bill introduction in Oklahoma that outlawed abortion – even in the cases of INCEST AND RAPE. Really? Ok, and finally, more bills sitting to be voted on that would MANDATE an INTERNAL SONOGRAM before an abortion.

Oh wait, that wasnt the last one. The last one was the Catholic Church’s hissy fit about being mandated to offer contraceptive options (AKA the PILL) to women they employ via their health care offerings. OK fine, BC is against your religion, whatever, but to that I say A) not all women are “Whores” (Thanks Rush!) and require BC for MEDICAL ISSUES! Like ME for instance! My cancer treatments and surgeries have left me a bit “off” and as I get older, it gets worse. I get MENSTRUAL MIGRAINES that have been alleviated by a SPECIAL type of pill (and I emphasize that because the argument(s) to the whole situation is “get your BC from a clinic from PP or pay out-of-pocket”. Well, I did my research and discovered that MY medication – Birth Control Medication – is NOT offered by these programs. As it is, its $50 COPAY. I believe it is $200 a month without insurance. OK, so if I worked for Notre Dame, I would be out of work a few days a month as I would sit at home and writhe in pain when I could be productive and healthy is my pill were covered.

Oh – I got so carried away…..B) Separation of Church and State? Heard of that one? Yeah, if you are going to throw a tantrum like a 2-year-old, then maybe the Federal Gov’t should be open on Christmas, and Schools should work on Good Friday, etc. Yeah….you cant have it both ways…

OK – so what the &!*% does this have to do with 50 Shades of Grey????

Remember way back when….when Oprah still had her talk show? Yeah….remember her book club? Remember how it would take books and put them at the top of the New York Times Best Sellers List? Remember how she inspired her audience to read things outside of their “box” and discuss it? Things such as the classics (Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities), works with different cultural perspectives (The Good Earth, Cry The Beloved Country), works from inspirational people (Maya Angelou), and just GREAT fiction….

We, WOMEN, are again capable of intelligent conversation, gaining knowledge and experiences through words, coming together to share in critical thinking, evaluation, interpolation, reflection….WE ARE SMART AND POWERFUL! WE ARE WOMEN! HEAR US ROAR!!!

Oprah leaves, takes her book club, and what fills the void? 50 Shades of Grey.

Here are the headline reviews of the book:


I have a problem with the fact that it’s a CRAPPILY written book. It started out as Twilight Fan Fiction. Oh, and DONT Get me started about Twilight. Stephen King sums up Twilight PERFECTLY:

I wont gripe on Twilight because it’s for tweens and teens, and heck, encouraging children to read something, ANYTHING, and have enjoyment surrounding it…that’s a GOOD thing. I’ll take it. But when WOMEN are giggling like school girls over CRAPPILY WRITTEN prose and having book discussions over a work that just is devoid of all writing skill, skills that you can even learn in a “beginner writing class” or “Writing for Dummies”, IT MAKES US LOOK STUPID!

If you are reading the book, and having your discussions, that’s fine..Im not calling you stupid. But when so much BUZZ is created because of it, it puts the perception out there that this is the only thing we can handle, and we are too emotional and fragile and embark upon working “difficult jobs” and obtaining “higher education”. Cue the 30 ROCK Reporter skit again and combine it with the current social and political climate….

If you are going to read the book…do me a favor? Pick something else to read after it? Like….pick up the Hunger Games? Ya, it’s a tween/teen book, but its Intelligent/Well Done writing with a very deep story line. Peruse Oprah’s list. Do something!

If the world ends as we know it tomorrow, please don’t let the future/post apocalyptic us look back and base our existence on the current NY Times Best Seller List for this week? Check it out….look at the top 3….

For the record…I just chugged through the Game of Thrones Series and am currently on the latest book. I think the author gets paid by the word, but its a story that makes you really need to think….and I have to say…probably a very comparable sex to story ratio to the “mommy porn”…..


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