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Let me count the ways…..

Today I am going to start an ongoing series of “Things I Cannot Live Without”….and my first entry is


I either get GRIEF and AGGRAVATION when I where them, or I get people who love them as much as I do. I am discovering that I am part of a cult or something. Anyway, Vibram Five Fingers – I cannot live without them.

Basically, they are Barefoot Running Shoes. I know, the first association you think of when you see me is “Oh WOW, she must be a barefoot runner!!”. {{Sarcasm}} It’s more like “She’s must be a Barefoot Couch Sitter!”

Anyway, Im actually a very active individual stuck in a sedentary body. I can still hold my own, but of course I could be better. I just have a pretty lousy cycle of bad luck that usually goes in this sequence: declare a new fully active lifestyle, begin working out, work out awesomely (see! I still have it and I can keep up!), get into a routine, hurt myself, be out for weeks healing, sit around and get depressed, start from beginning.

My cancer, as happy as I am of course that I am still clean, managed to mangle my leg up pretty gnarly. I have some lymph-edema in my right thigh, atrophied muscles due to removal for biopsy as well as radiation treatment, and constant discomfort from scar tissue, trauma to the area, etc. Add to that a set of horribly flat feet, and its quite annoying! My body reorganized itself, for lack of a better description, to allow itself to acclimate to the weaknesses, and as a result, anatomically, I’m a bit messed up. So, something as simple as wearing sneakers or shoes with arches and supports in them (like they all are pretty much – and FORGET ABOUT HEELS) is torture for me, as it throws everything out of whack. For people with typical physiology, fine….me…..bad…

Then I found these. I have NEVER had issue being barefoot. I could do anything barefoot and have no issues. However, going running or going to the gym barefoot – yeah, that wouldnt fly. So I took the plunge and will never go back. These have LITERALLY been lifesavers.

I HATE running. Actually, hate is too nice of a word. I always said that if I were being chased by a large man with a knife, I better find myself the nearest body of water as I could swim no problem, and could tread water for weeks. It would be a battle of wills where I am sure biology would win out as a man with a knife cant wait for me at the shore forever….you know…you have to like go to the bathroom and stuff….If I ran any distance, I would be one giant charlie horse in my right leg and foot….and the shin splints…OI! Not with these….You have to change your foot strike from heel -toe to more of a ball of foot-toe….give yourself time to strengthen your muscles though…its different…ironically for me, it was more natural as being barefoot was very comfortable for me.

I would only wear them working out, then, I said to myself…”Self….if it works for you, who cares what other people think!”. So I said “SCREW IT” and grabbed a pair to wear casually. It took a greater sense of self to do it, but now I dont care. I get compliments, I get stares, and as they grow in popularity, I get “OH WOW! I see those at the gym! Or, “My Doctor wears those because he cant stand in surgery all day without his back killing him” or “I have a pair too and I love them”!

As a mentioned before, I think I have joined a cult….and its almost mandatory to take a pic (like above) and post them for all to see. Check out their Facebook Page if you dont believe me! (http://www.facebook.com/VibramFiveFingers)

I put my own spin on displaying my Five Fingers:

Barefoot Dog, Barefoot Horse and Barefoot Goat



So there ya go – Vibram Five Fingers! Their slogan should be “If you never wore em, dont knock em!”

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